Hi! Welcome to The Local Feel.

I am Gabby. A photographer, writer, musician, dog lover, human lover, wife, sister, daughter, friend, Christ-follower, and probably a few other things.

The Local Feel Photography was born in 2017 in Orlando, Fl, out of a love for artistic expression and a desire for a creative outlet during a time of great need. Christ knew what I needed, and he provided me with this love for photography that I never knew existed.

The name, The Local Feel, has two meanings. The first is to describe that human moment that is captured in a photograph that draws emotion and connection even from strangers that see it. It's an image that many of us can relate to, regardless of who the subject of the photo is or where in the world it was taken. The second meaning is a play on the acronym "TLF" to also represent St. Therese of Lisieux, also known as The Little Flower. St. Therese has been an inspiration to me for many years, reminding me to find limitless beauty in the simplest of moments.

This is the approach I take with my photography. Authentic, simple, impactful photos that capture unrepeatable moments in your life. From Wedding Photos to Graduation Photos, and anything in between, I find that this approach will consistently deliver those photos that you just keep going back to years later to reminisce on.

If you want to learn more about me and my approach to photography, reach out to me here! I love discussing photography projects and I am always willing to work with different budget sizes.

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"Use the gifts you have received and pass on the love that has been given to you."

—St. Therese of Lisieux