UCF Grad

Location: UCF Campus - Student Union, John C. Hitt Library, UCF Fountain, UCF Media Studios

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Like what you see? Great! Finding a photographer whose style you truly like can be more difficult than people expect. That being said, I love taking into account the type of aesthetic that my client is looking for and use that when editing their photos. To accomplish this, I typically create a shared Pinterest Board where both my client and I can add photos of poses or aesthetics that mirror the type of Graduation Photography you're looking for.

I have 2 Golden Rules as a Graduation Photographer:

  1. Golden Hour
  2. Make it Personal!

What are your favorite corners on campus? Which coffee spot would you go to for your daily caffeine fix? Which building is dedicated to your major? Adding in these fun and person moments make your graduation album 100x more memorable!

If you want book me for graduation photos, or just brainstorm some ideas you have, Click Here.

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